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SoOffscreenRenderArea Methods

The SoOffscreenRenderArea type exposes the following members.

Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by SoDisposable.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetAntialiasingMode
Public methodGetAntialiasingQuality
Public methodGetClearColor
Public methodGetClearDepth
Public methodGetClearPolicy
Public methodGetGLRenderAction

Returns the render action used for rendering.

Public methodGetHashCode
Overrides GetHashCode().
(Inherited from SoNetBase.)
Public methodStatic memberGetMaxTileSize

Gets the maximum subimage (tile) size for rendering.

Public methodGetNumEdgePixels
Public methodGetSceneGraph
Public methodGetSceneManager

Returns the encapsulated scene manager.

Public methodGetSize
Public methodGetTileSize
Public methodGetTransparencyType
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetViewportRegion
Public methodRender

Calling the OIV.Inventor.SoOffscreenRenderArea.Render() method is useless and does nothing.

Public methodRenderToBuffer(SoBufferObject)
Calls RenderToBuffer(buffer, OIV.Inventor.SoOffscreenRenderArea.OutputFormats( .SoOffscreenRenderArea.RGB )).
Public methodRenderToBuffer(SoBufferObject, SoOffscreenRenderAreaOutputFormats)

Render the given scene graph and save the result in the given buffer.

Public methodRenderToFile(String)
Calls RenderToFile(filename, OIV.Inventor.SoOffscreenRenderArea.OutputFormats( .SoOffscreenRenderArea.RGB )).
Public methodRenderToFile(String, SoOffscreenRenderAreaOutputFormats)

Render the given scene graph and save the result in the given file.

Public methodSetAntialiasingMode

Define the antialiasing mode.

Public methodSetAntialiasingQuality

Define the antialiasing quality value.

Public methodSetClearColor

Defines the RGBA value used when the color buffer is cleared.

Public methodSetClearDepth

Defines the depth value used when the depth buffer is cleared.

Public methodSetClearPolicy

Defines the color buffer and depth buffer clear policy.

Public methodSetGLRenderAction

Defines the render action used for rendering.

Public methodSetSceneGraph

Defines the scene graph which will be traversed for rendering.

Public methodSetSize

Defines the image size to use for rendering.

Public methodSetTile

Defines the maximum sub-image (tile) size for rendering and the number of pixels on the border of each sub-image that are not written on the final image.

Public methodSetTransparencyType

Defines the algorithm for rendering transparent objects.

Public methodSetViewportRegion

Defines viewport region (within the image) to use for rendering.

Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
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