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OIV.Inventor Namespace

Open Inventor is an object-oriented and OpenGL-based API for real-time 3D visualization.

Public classEnumerationExtensions
Public classIllegalObjectStateException
Signals that a method has been invoked at an illegal or inappropriate time. The object is not in an appropriate state for the requested operation.
Public classLicenseNotFoundException
The exception that is thrown when OpenInventor fails to find a valid license.
Public classNullUnmanagedHandleException
Represents the exception that is thrown when an attempt is made to call a method on a SoNetBase instance that is not currently bind to any native object.
Public classSbCPUID
Public classSbNativeStringArray
Class representing a native array of strings (avoid copy).
Public classSbVertexAttributeBinding

Class encoding a binding type.

Public classSoBaseList
Public classSoDB

Scene graph database class.

Public classSoDetailList
Public classSoDisposable
Base class for all objects implementing the ISafeDisposable interface.
Public classSoEngineList
Public classSoEngineOutputList
Public classSoFieldList
Public classSoFullPath

Path that allows access to hidden children.

Public classSoInput

Used to read Open Inventor data files.

Public classSoInputParameters

Base class for file reader parameters.

Public classSoInputReader

Base class for custom readers that create an Open Inventor scene graph.

Public classSoModuleCheck

Class used to check and report library and application consistency.

Public classSoNetBase
Base class for all Inventor reference classes.
Public classSoNodeKitPath

Path that points to a list of hierarchical nodekits.

Public classSoNodeList
Public classSoOffscreenRenderArea

Render to an off-screen buffer for printing or generating textures.

Public classSoOutput

Used to write Open Inventor data files.

Public classSoPath

Path that points to a list of hierarchical nodes.

Public classSoPathList
Public classSoPickedPoint

Represents point on surface of picked object.

Public classSoPickedPointList
Public classSoPreferences

Manages Open Inventor configuration parameters.

Public classSoProgressIndicator

Class for reporting progress of a task.

Public classSoSceneManager

Manages scene graph rendering and event handling.

Public classSoSensorList
Public classSoTypeList
Public classUnknownTypeException
The exception that is thrown when OpenInventor type loading failure occurs.
Public interfaceISafeDisposable
Defines a property to call in a safe manner the Dispose method to release unmanaged resources.
Public interfaceSoGetView
Public delegateSoSceneManagerAbortRenderCallbacks

This typedef defines the calling sequence for setAbortRenderCallback() callbacks.

Public delegateSoSceneManagerRenderCB

This typedef defines the calling sequence for setRenderCallback() callbacks.