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SoRemoteVizClient Class

Client node enables to integrate RemoteViz into Open Inventor applications.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: OIV.RemoteViz.Clients.Nodes
Assembly: OIV.RemoteViz.Client (in OIV.RemoteViz.Client.dll) Version: 2024.1.2.0 (2024.1.2)
public class SoRemoteVizClient : SoNode

The SoRemoteVizClient type exposes the following members.

Public methodSoRemoteVizClient

Default constructor.

Public methodAffectsState

Returns true if a node has an effect on the state during traversal.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCallback
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCopy
Calls Copy(false).
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCopy(Boolean)

Creates and returns an exact copy of the node.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer)
Calls CopyFieldValues(fc, false).
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer, Boolean)

Copies the contents of fc's fields into this object's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by SoDisposable.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public methodDistribute
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodDoAction
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodEnableNotify

Notification at this Field Container is enabled (if flag == true) or disabled (if flag == false).

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodEnableSecureConnection(String, String)
Calls EnableSecureConnection(publicCertificateFilePath, privateKeyFilePath, OIV.RemoteViz.Clients.Nodes.SoRemoteVizClient.SecurityProtocols( .SoRemoteVizClient.TLSv1_1 | .SoRemoteVizClient.TLSv1_2 | .SoRemoteVizClient.TLSv1_3 ), "").
Public methodEnableSecureConnection(String, String, SoRemoteVizClientSecurityProtocols)
Calls EnableSecureConnection(publicCertificateFilePath, privateKeyFilePath, enabledSecurityProtocols, "").
Public methodEnableSecureConnection(String, String, SoRemoteVizClientSecurityProtocols, String)

Secures the connection between the client and the server.

Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFieldsAreEqual

Returns true if this object's fields are exactly equal to fc's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGet

Returns the values of the fields of this object in the Open Inventor ASCII file format in the given string.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetAllFields

Returns a list of fields, including the eventIn's and eventOut's.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetAlternateRep

This method is called by actions to allow the node to provide an "alternate representation" when appropriate (typically depending on the action type).

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetBoundingBox
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetContainerSize

Returns the size of the renderArea container.

Public methodGetEnabledSecurityProtocols

Gets the security procotols used in RemoteViz.

Public methodGetEventIn

Returns a the eventIn with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetEventOut

Returns the eventOut with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetField

Returns a the field of this object whose name is fieldName.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFieldName

Returns the name of the given field in the fieldName argument.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFields

Appends references to all of this object's fields to resultList, and returns the number of fields appended.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Overrides GetHashCode().
(Inherited from SoNetBase.)
Public methodGetMatrix
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetName

Returns the name of an instance.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetPrimitiveCount
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetRenderAreaSize

Returns the size of the renderArea managed by the RemoteViz service.

Public methodGetRenderEngineMode

Returns the supported Render engine mode.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetRenderUnitID
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetStreamingMode

Returns the type of streaming currently used by the client.

Public methodGetStringName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetVideoDecoder

Returns the video decoder that has been successfully initialized and currently used by the client to decode video stream.

Public methodGLRender
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGLRenderBelowPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGLRenderInPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGLRenderOffPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGrabEventsCleanup
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGrabEventsSetup
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodHandleEvent
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodHasDefaultValues

Returns true if all of the object's fields have their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsBoundingBoxIgnoring

This method is used by getBoundingBox action traversal to know if the current node must be traversed or not, ie the bounding should be ignored.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodIsImageStreamingSupported

Checks if the client supports image streaming.

Public methodIsNotifyEnabled

Notification is the process of telling interested objects that this object has changed.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsOverride

Returns the state of the override flag.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodIsSecureConnection

Gets the SSL engine activation.

Public methodIsSynchronizable

Gets the ScaleViz synchronizable state of this object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodIsVideoStreamingSupported

Checks if the client supports video streaming.

Public methodPick
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodRayPick
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodRequestRenderAreaSize

Sends a request to resize the renderArea associated with the connection.

Public methodSearch
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodSendMessage(String)

Sends a text message to the server.

Public methodSendMessage(SoCpuBufferObject)

Sends a binary message to the server.

Public methodSet

Sets one or more fields in this object to the values specified in the given string, which should be a string in the Open Inventor file format.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodSetName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetOverride

Turns the override flag on or off.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodSetSynchronizable

Sets this to be a ScaleViz synchronizable object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetToDefaults

Sets all fields in this object to their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodToString
Converts this SoBase structure to a human readable string.
(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodTouch

Marks an instance as modified, simulating a change to it.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodWrite
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public propertyconnect

Opens/Closes a connection between the client and the RemoteViz service.

Public propertyconnectionParameters

Connection parameters that will be sent to the RemoteViz service during the connection establishment.

Public propertydisplayMode

This setting allows you to specify how to map the renderArea image (server-side) into the container (client-side).

Public propertyipAddress

Specifies the IP address of the RemoteViz Service to which the client will connect.

Public propertyIsDisposable
ISafeDisposable interface implementation.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public propertyport

Specifies the port of the RemoteViz Service to which the client will connect.

Public propertyrenderAreaName

Specifies the renderArea name to which the client will connect.

Public propertyUserData
Gets or sets the user data to be contained by the field container.
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public propertyvideoDecoders

This setting allows you to specify a preference list of video decoders.

Public eventOnDecodedFrame

Triggered when a frame is decoded and displayed.

Public eventOnKeyboardEvent

Triggered when a keyboard event is fired on the client.

Public eventOnMouseButtonEvent

Triggered when a mouse button event is fired on the client.

Public eventOnMouseLocationEvent

Triggered when a mouse location event is fired on the client.

Public eventOnMouseWheelEvent

Triggered when a mouse wheel event is fired on the client.

Public eventOnReceivedBinaryMessage

Triggered when a binary message is received from the RemoteViz service.

Public eventOnReceivedFrame

Triggered when a frame is received from the RemoteViz service.

Public eventOnReceivedMessage

Triggered when a text message is received from the RemoteViz service.

Public eventOnRenderAreaResize

Triggered when the renderArea has been resized.

Public eventOnServiceMessage

Triggered when a service message is received from the RemoteViz service.

Public eventOnTouchEvent

Triggered when a touch event is fired on the client.


This node is a RemoteViz client enabling software developers to easily integrate remote 3D interaction and visualization into their Open Inventor applications. It enables to establish a connection to a RemoteViz service so that display frames into an Open Inventor viewer.

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