Class SoShaderParameterBufferObject

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    public class SoShaderParameterBufferObject
    extends SoShaderParameter
    Shader parameter node storing a buffer object. This node allows the application to provide a buffer object to a shader program. The shader program can access this buffer as a GLSL Shader Storage Buffer Object.

    SoShaderParameterBufferObject nodes are usually added to the shader program's bufferObjects field to affect only that specific shader program, but can also be inserted in the scene graph and affect all subsequent shader programs.

    NOTE: If inserted directly in the scene graph, SoShaderParameterBufferObject is not cacheable. This means that all parent SoSeparator nodes will not be able to create render caches. This may reduce rendering performance.

    File format/default:

    SoShaderParameterBufferObject {

      bindingPoint 0
      buffer NULL

    Open Inventor 9.8

    See Also:
    SoShaderParameter, SoUniformShaderParameter, SoShaderObject, SoShaderProgram