Class SoTransformSeparator

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    public class SoTransformSeparator
    extends SoGroup
    Group node that saves and restores transformation state. This group node is similar to the SoSeparator node in that it saves state before traversing its children and restores it afterwards. However, it saves only the current transformation; all other state is left as is. This node can be useful for positioning a camera, since the transformations to the camera will not affect the rest of the scene, even though the camera will view the scene. Similarly, this node can be used to isolate transformations to light sources or other objects.

    File format/default:

    TransformSeparator {


    Action behavior:

    SoGLRenderAction, SoCallbackAction, SoGetBoundingBoxAction, SoGetMatrixAction, SoRayPickAction
    Saves the current transformation state, traverses all children, and restores the previous transformation state. Sets: SoModelMatrixElement, SoBBoxModelMatrixElement.

    See Also:
    SoResetTransform, SoTransformation
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoTransformSeparator

        public SoTransformSeparator()
        Creates a transform separator node with default settings.
      • SoTransformSeparator

        public SoTransformSeparator​(int nChildren)
        Constructor that takes approximate number of children.