Class SoTriangleSet

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    public class SoTriangleSet
    extends SoNonIndexedShape
    Set of triangles shape node. This node represents a 3D shape defined by a set of triangles.

    This shape node constructs triangles from the vertices located at the coordinates specified in the vertexProperty field (from SoVertexShape), or the current inherited state. For optimal performance, the vertexProperty field is recommended.

    Each triangle is defined by three vertices, starting at startIndex. The numTriangles field specifies the number of triangles in the set. If numTriangles is -1 (default), then all vertices are used and the number of triangles is the number of vertices divided by three. Setting numTriangles to zero means there are no triangles in the set (the bounding box is empty). An error message is generated in the debug build if there are not enough vertices to make the specified number of triangles.

    The coordinates of the triangle set are transformed by the current cumulative transformation. The triangles are drawn with the current light model and drawing style.

    Treatment of the current material and normal binding is as follows: The PER_PART and PER_FACE bindings specify a material or normal for each triangle. The _INDEXED bindings are equivalent to their non-indexed counterparts. The default material binding is OVERALL. The default normal binding is PER_VERTEX.

    If any normals (or materials) are specified, Open Inventor assumes you provide the correct number of them, as indicated by the binding. You will see unexpected results if you specify fewer normals (or materials) than the shape requires. If no normals are specified, they will be generated automatically.


    • Due to limitations of the OpenGL VBO (vertex buffer object) rendering model, it is not possible to use VBO rendering (and performance may be lower) if either the normal binding or the material binding is set to either PER_PART(_INDEXED) or PER_FACE(_INDEXED).

    Open Inventor 8.6 File format/default:

    TriangleSet {
      vertexProperty NULL
      startIndex 0
      numTriangles -1

Action behavior:

Draws triangles based on the current coordinates, normals, materials, drawing style, and so on.

Picks triangles based on the current coordinates and transformation. Details about the intersection are returned in an SoFaceDetail.

Computes the bounding box that encloses all vertices of the triangle set with the current transformation applied to them. Sets the center to the average of the coordinates of all vertices.

If any triangle callbacks are registered with the action, they will be invoked for each successive triangle generated from each triangle in the set.

See Also:
SoCoordinate3, SoDrawStyle, SoIndexedTriangleSet, SoFaceDetail, SoFullSceneAntialiasing, SoVertexProperty, SoShapeHints
    • Field Detail

      • numTriangles

        public final SoSFInt32 numTriangles
        Number of triangles in the set. Default is SO_TRIANGLE_SET_USE_REST_OF_VERTICES, meaning to use all the vertices given, so the number of triangles is number of vertices divided by 3.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoTriangleSet

        public SoTriangleSet()
        Creates a triangle set node with default settings.