Class SoShape

    • Field Detail

      • boundingBoxIgnoring

        public final SoSFBool boundingBoxIgnoring
        Whether to ignore this node during bounding box traversal. Default is false.
    • Method Detail

      • isPrimitiveRestartAvailable

        public static boolean isPrimitiveRestartAvailable()
        Calls isPrimitiveRestartAvailable((com.openinventor.inventor.misc.SoState)null).
      • getShapeType

        public SoShape.ShapeTypes getShapeType()
        Gets the current shape Full Scene Antialiasing type.
      • isPrimitiveRestartAvailable

        public static boolean isPrimitiveRestartAvailable​(SoState state)
        Returns true if the primitive restart feature is available. It is better to call this function with an SoGLContext created on the device used for rendering or with a valid state.

        Primitive restart (if available) can be used with SoBufferedShape.