Class SoCylinder

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    public class SoCylinder
    extends SoShape
    Cylinder shape node. This node represents a simple capped cylinder centered around the y-axis. By default, the cylinder is centered at (0,0,0) and has a default size of -1 to +1 in all three dimensions. You can use the radius and height fields to create a cylinder with a different size.

    The cylinder is transformed by the current cumulative transformation and is drawn with the current lighting model, drawing style, material, and geometric complexity.

    If the current material binding is PER_PART or PER_PART_INDEXED, the first current material is used for the sides of the cylinder, the second is used for the top, and the third is used for the bottom. Otherwise, the first material is used for the entire cylinder.

    When a texture is applied to a cylinder, it is applied differently to the sides, top, and bottom. On the sides, the texture wraps counterclockwise (from above) starting at the back of the cylinder. The texture has a vertical seam at the back, intersecting the yz-plane. For the top and bottom, a circle is cut out of the texture square and applied to the top or bottom circle. The top texture appears right side up when the top of the cylinder is tilted toward the camera, and the bottom texture appears right side up when the top of the cylinder is tilted away from the camera.

    Picking: SoPickedPoint getDetail() returns an SoCylinderDetail.

    OpenGL vertex arrays are used if they are available and if the environment variable IV_NO_VERTEX_ARRAY is not set.

    Consider using the SoAlgebraicCylinder node instead of this one. Algebraic shapes are computed and rendered on the GPU and can be used with SoMultipleInstance.

    File format/default:

    Cylinder {

      parts ALL
      radius 1
      height 2

    Action behavior:

    Draws cylinder based on the current coordinates, materials, drawing style, and so on.

    Intersects the ray with the cylinder. The part of the cylinder that was picked is available from the SoCylinderDetail.

    Computes the bounding box that encloses the cylinder.

    If any triangle callbacks are registered with the action, they will be invoked for each successive triangle that approximates the cylinder.

    See Also:
    SoAlgebraicCylinder, SoCone, SoCube, SoCylinderDetail, SoFullSceneAntialiasing, SoSphere
    • Field Detail

      • radius

        public final SoSFFloat radius
        Specifies the cylinder's radius. Value must be greater than 0.0. Default is 1.
      • height

        public final SoSFFloat height
        Specifies the cylinder's height. Value must be greater than 0.0. Default is 1.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoCylinder

        public SoCylinder()
        Creates a cylinder node with default settings.
    • Method Detail

      • addPart

        public void addPart​(SoCylinder.PartType part)
        Convenience function to turn on a part of the cylinder.
      • removePart

        public void removePart​(SoCylinder.PartType part)
        Convenience function to turn off a part of the cylinder.
      • hasPart

        public boolean hasPart​(SoCylinder.PartType part)
        Convenience function that returns whether a given part is on or off.