Class SoVolumeDataDrawStyle

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    public class SoVolumeDataDrawStyle
    extends SoNode
    Volume draw style. This node specifies the volume rendering style for a volume or for one of the voxel regions of a volume defined by SoVolumeMask nodes. The available draw styles are hidden (not rendered), direct volume rendering, isosurface(s) rendering and the boundary surface rendering according to the style field. Volume rendering always uses the current transfer function and material in the scene graph. Isosurfaces and boundary surfaces use the current material by default, but can optionally be rendered using materials specified in the isosurfacesMaterial or boundaryMaterial fields.


    • Draw style only applies to SoVolumeRender nodes.
    • See SoVolumeMask for discussion of how draw styles are associated with mask regions.
    • When not using volume masks, the draw style node must be traversed before the SoVolumeData node.
    • The MASK_BOUNDARY style is ignored if not using volume masks.
    • The ISOSURFACE style is functionally equivalent to using an SoVolumeIsosurface node, but provides more options. The benefit of using an SoVolumeDataDrawStyle is the ability to combine different display styles (e.g. ISOSURFACE and MASK_BOUNDARY).
      The isosurface displays the boundary between 2 different values, similar to the marching cubes algorithms. In other words, a voxel is part of the isosurface if the ray entry and exit values for the voxel are different and include the specified isosurface value in their range. If you render, for example, the isosurface 100 of a volume data containing the value 100 everywhere, nothing will be rendered.

    File format/default:

    VolumeMask {

      style VOLUME_RENDER
      boundaryMaterial NULL
      isosurfacesMaterial NULL
      isovalues []

    See Also:
    SoVolumeData, SoVolumeRender, SoVolumeMask, SoVolumeMaskGroup, SoMultiDataSeparator, SoTransferFunction
    • Field Detail

      • style

        public final SoSFBitMask<SoVolumeDataDrawStyle.DrawStyles> style
        Set the draw style used for a volume or mask: . -NONE: Display nothing

        -VOLUME_RENDER: Display the volume using the associated transfer function. This is the default value.

        -MASK_BOUNDARY: Display only the mask boundary, don't render the masked volume.

        -ISOSURFACE: Display the set of isosurfaces defined in isovalues field.

        Modes can be combined.

      • boundaryMaterial

        public final SoSFMaterial boundaryMaterial
        Material used to render the mask boundary. Default is none.
      • isovalues

        public final SoMFFloat isovalues
        Values of isosurfaces to display. Default is none.
      • isosurfacesMaterial

        public final SoSFMaterial isosurfacesMaterial
        Material used to render isosurfaces.
        If this field is empty, the current or default SoMaterial is used.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoVolumeDataDrawStyle

        public SoVolumeDataDrawStyle()
        Creates a volume draw style node with default settings.