Class SoVolumeMaskGroup

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    public class SoVolumeMaskGroup
    extends SoGroup
    Volume mask group. This node is used to define a collection of one or more volume masks. See SoVolumeMask for details about using volume masks. Every volume mask node in the scene graph must have an SoVolumeMaskGroup as its parent node. The SoVolumeMaskGroup node, as well as the SoVolumeData node, must be the child of an SoMultiDataSeparator node because the masks are effectively multiple data volumes.

    This class also defines the constant TRANSFERFUNCTION_INTERSECTION_ID. If a transfer function (SoTransferFunction) with this id exists in the traversal state, that transfer function will be used to color voxels which belong to more than one mask. See SoVolumeMask for details about the regions defined by volume masks.

    Note that when not using volume masks, the traversal order of transfer functions is important, because each VolumeViz rendering node uses the current (last traversed) transfer function independent of the transfer function ids. However if an SoVolumeMaskGroup node is traversed before the rendering node (regardless of whether there are any SoVolumeMask nodes in the group), the volume will only be rendered using the transfer function (if any) with the same id value as the volume data node.

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    VolumeMaskGroup {


    See Also:
    SoVolumeDataDrawStyle, SoVolumeRender, SoVolumeMask, SoMultiDataSeparator, SoTransferFunction
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        public SoVolumeMaskGroup()