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SoEnvironment Class

Global environment node.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: OIV.Inventor.Nodes
Assembly: OIV.Inventor (in OIV.Inventor.dll) Version: 2024.1.2.0 (2024.1.2)
public class SoEnvironment : SoNode

The SoEnvironment type exposes the following members.

Public methodSoEnvironment

Creates an environment node with default settings.

Public methodAffectsState

Returns true if a node has an effect on the state during traversal.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCallback
Public methodCopy
Calls Copy(false).
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCopy(Boolean)

Creates and returns an exact copy of the node.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer)
Calls CopyFieldValues(fc, false).
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer, Boolean)

Copies the contents of fc's fields into this object's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by SoDisposable.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public methodDistribute
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodDoAction
Public methodEnableNotify

Notification at this Field Container is enabled (if flag == true) or disabled (if flag == false).

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFieldsAreEqual

Returns true if this object's fields are exactly equal to fc's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGet

Returns the values of the fields of this object in the Open Inventor ASCII file format in the given string.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetAllFields

Returns a list of fields, including the eventIn's and eventOut's.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetAlternateRep

This method is called by actions to allow the node to provide an "alternate representation" when appropriate (typically depending on the action type).

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetBoundingBox
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetEventIn

Returns a the eventIn with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetEventOut

Returns the eventOut with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetField

Returns a the field of this object whose name is fieldName.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFieldName

Returns the name of the given field in the fieldName argument.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFields

Appends references to all of this object's fields to resultList, and returns the number of fields appended.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Overrides GetHashCode().
(Inherited from SoNetBase.)
Public methodGetMatrix
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetName

Returns the name of an instance.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetPrimitiveCount
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetRenderEngineMode

Returns the supported Render engine mode.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetRenderUnitID
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetStringName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGLRender
Public methodGLRenderBelowPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGLRenderInPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGLRenderOffPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGrabEventsCleanup
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGrabEventsSetup
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodHandleEvent
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodHasDefaultValues

Returns true if all of the object's fields have their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsBoundingBoxIgnoring

This method is used by getBoundingBox action traversal to know if the current node must be traversed or not, ie the bounding should be ignored.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodIsNotifyEnabled

Notification is the process of telling interested objects that this object has changed.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsOverride

Returns the state of the overridden field.

(Overrides SoNodeIsOverride.)
Public methodIsSynchronizable

Gets the ScaleViz synchronizable state of this object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodPick
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodRayPick
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodSearch
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodSet

Sets one or more fields in this object to the values specified in the given string, which should be a string in the Open Inventor file format.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodSetName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetOverride

Sets the state of the overridden field.

(Overrides SoNodeSetOverride(Boolean).)
Public methodSetSynchronizable

Sets this to be a ScaleViz synchronizable object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetToDefaults

Sets all fields in this object to their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodToString
Converts this SoBase structure to a human readable string.
(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodTouch

Marks an instance as modified, simulating a change to it.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodWrite
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public propertyambientColor

RGB color of ambient lighting (for Phong lighting).

Public propertyambientIntensity

Intensity of ambient light (for Phong lighting).

Public propertyambientOcclusion

If set to true, ambient occlusion is activated.

Public propertyambientOcclusionIntensity

Intensity of ambient occlusion: the higher the value, the darker the scene.

Public propertyambientOcclusionRadius

Specifies the radius of the "sphere" (in world space) beyond which the ambient occlusion has no more effect.

Public propertyattenuation

Squared, linear, and constant light attenuation coefficients (in that order).

Public propertyfogColor

Fog color.

Public propertyfogStart

Distance at which the linear fog HAZE starts to be applied.

Public propertyfogType

Type of fog.

Public propertyfogVisibility

Fog visibility distance, which is the distance at which fog totally obscures objects.

Public propertyIsDisposable
ISafeDisposable interface implementation.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public propertyUserData
Gets or sets the user data to be contained by the field container.
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)

This node describes global environmental attributes such as ambient lighting, light attenuation, ambient occlusion and fog.

Ambient light (OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.ambientIntensity and OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.ambientColor) is the amount of global light impinging on each surface point when the lighting model is Phong (see OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoLightModel). The ambient light values effectively specify a minimum brightness for all shapes. Even if no light source is directly shining on a surface, the ambient component will light up the surface a little bit to prevent it from being pure black.

Light attenuation (OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.attenuation) is the loss of light intensity over distance. The greater the distance from the light source, the lower the intensity. Attenuation affects all subsequent Point and Spot lights in a scene (see OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoLight). See OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.attenuation field for more details.

Ambient occlusion (OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.ambientOcclusion) is a rendering effect that simulates how much of the global ambient light can reach different parts of a shape. Parts that are less exposed to the ambient light, i.e. more occluded, will appear darker. This effect is very useful to better discern the shapes of objects. The OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.ambientOcclusion field controls this effect for shape nodes other than OIV.VolumeViz.Nodes.SoVolumeRendering and point sets. (although point sets can "generate" ambient occlusion). OIV.VolumeViz.Nodes.SoVolumeRendering also supports ambient occlusion, but it must be enabled using an OIV.VolumeViz.Nodes.SoVolumeRenderingQuality node. Ambient occlusion limitations:

  • Important performance penalty can be experienced on Intel HD and UHD Graphics integrated GPU

No Ambient Occlusion Ambient Occlusion
Example with a lineset extracted from a DTI

Fog has one of four types, each of which blends each surface point with the specified fog color (usually set equal to the rendering window background color). Each type interprets the OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.fogVisibility field to be the distance at which fog totally obscures objects. A fogVisibility value of 0 (the default) causes the OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment node to set up fog so that the visibility is the distance to the far clipping plane of the current camera. Using a fog of type HAZE results in a linear fog between the OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoEnvironment.fogStart value and the fogVisibility value.


Environment {
ambientIntensity 0.2
ambientColor 1 1 1
attenuation 0 0 1
ambientOcclusion false
ambientOcclusionIntensity 1.0
ambientOcclusionRadius 4.0
fogType NONE
fogColor 1 1 1
fogStart 0
fogVisibility 0


OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoGLRenderAction Sets the current environment parameters to those specified with this node. Successive geometries will be rendered using this environment. Sets: OIV.Inventor.Elements.SoEnvironmentElement, OIV.Inventor.Elements.SoLightAttenuationElement

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