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SoTextureinternalFormat Property

Internal format for texture storage.

Namespace: OIV.Inventor.Nodes
Assembly: OIV.Inventor (in OIV.Inventor.dll) Version: 2023.2.0.0 (2023.2.0)
public SoSFEnum<SoTextureInternalFormats> internalFormat { get; }

Property Value

Type: SoSFEnumSoTextureInternalFormats

If not available on the graphics device, internalFormat is set back to AUTO_INTERNAL_FORMAT. Use enum OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoTexture.InternalFormats. Default is AUTO_INTERNAL_FORMAT. If internal format is set to AUTO_INTERNAL_FORMAT texture precision could only be 16-bit maximum. To go beyond this limitation, you must set the internal format to the needed value.

Note Note

Field available since Open Inventor 6.0

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