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SoVolumeReader Class
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Namespace: OIV.LDM.Readers
Assembly: OIV.LDM (in OIV.LDM.dll) Version: (
public abstract class SoVolumeReader : SoFieldContainer

The SoVolumeReader type exposes the following members.

Public methodCloseAllHandles
Close all file handles currently opened by the reader.
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer)
Calls CopyFieldValues(fc, false).
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer, Boolean)

Copies the contents of fc's fields into this object's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by SoDisposable.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public methodEnableNotify

Notification at this Field Container is enabled (if flag == true) or disabled (if flag == false).

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFieldsAreEqual

Returns true if this object's fields are exactly equal to fc's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGet

Returns the values of the fields of this object in the Open Inventor ASCII file format in the given string.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetAllFields

Returns a list of fields, including the eventIn's and eventOut's.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetBorderFlag
Returns border flag if stored in file.
Public methodGetConfiguredWriter
Returns a writer that correspond to this reader (same format, same parameters, etc...).
Public methodGetDataChar
Gets the characteristics (file header) of the data volume. See SoVolumeData.SetVolumeData().
Public methodGetDirectCoordSys
Return whether the coordinate system used is direct or not.
Public methodGetDirectCoordSysAutoDetection
Return automatic detection value.
Public methodGetEventIn

Returns a the eventIn with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetEventOut

Returns the eventOut with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetField

Returns a the field of this object whose name is fieldName.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFieldName

Returns the name of the given field in the fieldName argument.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFields

Appends references to all of this object's fields to resultList, and returns the number of fields appended.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Overrides GetHashCode().
(Inherited from SoNetBase.)
Public methodGetHistogram
Returns histogram if stored in file.
Public methodGetMinMax(Double, Double)
Returns min max if stored in file for float data type
Public methodGetMinMax(Int32, Int32)
Returns min max if stored in file (obsolete)
Public methodGetMinMax(Int64, Int64)
Returns min max if stored in file for integer data type
Public methodGetName

Returns the name of an instance.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetNumSignificantBits
This method is optional. It returns the number of significant bits of the volume data.
Public methodGetOriginalFilename
Returns original file name from which the data has been converted to LDM format if stored in file.
Public methodGetReaderType
Returns type of reader.
Public methodGetStringName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetSubSlice
Method required by VolumeViz 3.0. Must copy the rectangular part defined by subSlice of the XY slice sliceNumber to the memory pointed to by data. Slices will not always be read sequentially.
Public methodGetTileMinMax
Returns the minimum and maximum data values for the given tile. Used only if data is organized for the LDM module. It allows to profit of optimizations such as SoLDMGlobalResourceParameters.setIgnoreFullyTransparentTiles(). Default implementation return new SbVec2d(System.Double.MaxValue, -System.Double.MaxValue))
Public methodGetTileSize
Returns tile size if using data stored in tiles. Return FALSE if data is not stored in tiles.
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodHasDefaultValues

Returns true if all of the object's fields have their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsNotifyEnabled

Notification is the process of telling interested objects that this object has changed.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsSynchronizable

Gets the ScaleViz synchronizable state of this object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodReadTile(Int32, SbBox3i32)
Given an index, reads a tile if the data is organized in tiles (for LDM).
Public methodReadTile(Int32, SbNativeArrayByte, SbBox3i32) Obsolete.
Given an index, reads a tile if the data is organized in tiles (for LDM). In the default LDM architecture, the LDM data is based on an octree topology (see SoVRLdmFileReader). The index passed is 0 for the tile of lowest resolution representing the entire volume (octree root node). The index increments linearly going down through the octree.
Public methodSet

Sets one or more fields in this object to the values specified in the given string, which should be a string in the Open Inventor file format.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodSetDirectCoordSysAutoDetection
Sets whether or not the reader should automatically try to detect if the coordinate system used is direct or not. The function will return FALSE if the feature is not supported by the current reader. Default is false.
Public methodSetDirectCoorSys
Specify if the coordinate system used is direct or not. The function will return FALSE if the feature is not supported by the current reader. Default is false.
Public methodSetFilename
Specifies the path of the file. Returns 0 for success. Any other return value indicates failure.
Public methodSetName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetOutputDataType
Sets the output data type. Returns FALSE if the reader does not support this feature.
Public methodSetSynchronizable

Sets this to be a ScaleViz synchronizable object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetToDefaults

Sets all fields in this object to their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodSetUserData
Stores the userData (for example the filename string) in the m_data protected variable.
Public methodToString
Converts this SoBase structure to a human readable string.
(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodTouch

Marks an instance as modified, simulating a change to it.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public propertyDataConverted
The returned boolean indicates if the data is already organized for the LDM module. If TRUE, VolumeViz will use the readTile method.
Public propertyIsDisposable
ISafeDisposable interface implementation.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public propertyIsThreadSafe
Let the system know if the reader is thread safe or not. this function is called by VolumeViz when using the multiIO mode.
Public propertyUserData
Gets or sets the user data to be contained by the field container.
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
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