10.12.3 - 10.12.2 - 10.12.1 - 10.12.0

Open Inventor 10.12.3

  • Core
  • #OIV-4357 Documentation dwg import limitation – CAS-41969
    #OIV-4364 Broken raw stereo – CAS-41863
    #OIV-4442 Server crash when using SliceOrientationMarker and SoOffscreenRenderArea – CAS-42767
    #OIV-4481 Displayed error messages don't help to fix the detected issue in debug mode – CAS-42592, 43151
    #OIV-4529 extSelection failure on points – CAS-42852
    #OIV-4066 Crashes when loading texture larger than 30K X 30K resolution – CAS-39308-K6D0
    #OIV-4350 The attached shadow screen casts a shadow on itself despite the field ShadowStyle::style=SHADOWED – CAS-41819
    #OIV-4398 Picking abnormally returns nullptr – CAS-41849
    #OIV-4441 Abnormal SoImage bounding box – CAS-41703
    #OIV-4549 Abnormal ghost objects – CAS-43519

  • Viewer Components
  • #OIV-3756 The turntable orbiter changes sometime the direction of rotation

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-4351 getData function of SoLDMDataAccess takes a long time to execute on a specific DICOM file
    #OIV-4375 Crash with SoOrthoSlice when SoVolumeReader readTile returns null buffer or empty buffer

Open Inventor 10.12.2

  • Core
  • #OIV-3840 MedicalHelper::dicomAdjustVolume can trigger a warning about setting tile size
    #OIV-3871 Impossible to load large datasets with OIV 10.10 – CAS-37064
    #OIV-3905 viewAll strange behavior when applied to the attached scenegraph – CAS-38409
    #OIV-4211 Render does not update after vertexBuffer has been modified – CAS-40228
    #OIV-4228 Compute Shaders requires to be isolated from shapes that use shaders
    #OIV-4242 Abnormal behavior when enabling a shadowGroup node – CAS-41117
    #OIV-4252 SORTED_PIXELS does not work on Intel GPU – CAS-41234-H0D8
    #OIV-4253 Transparency modes not updated in SoPreferences
    #OIV-4333 Abnormal haloHL display when setHaloAlwaysVisible is set to false – CAS-41646
    #OIV-4340 Incorrect Shape Color w/ SORTED_PIXEL & FPS_COUNTER
    #OIV-4383 Inefficient use of C++ std::vector in inventor::BindingBufferModifier::apply – CAS-41912

  • OivSuite.Java
  • #OIV-4219 OIV Java crash with setClippingPlanesAdjustMode(MANUAL)

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-3869 Slice border size and position is not correct
    #OIV-4207 SoVRSegyFileReader : After calling getSegyFileHeader(), incorrect data values are returned
    #OIV-4248 DicomSimpleViewer demo crashes when loading non Dicom data
    #OIV-4317 ProgressBar not working

  • legacy MeshViz
  • #OIV-4352 Exchange scenegraph renders old parts – CAS-41828

Open Inventor 10.12.1

  • Core
  • #OIV-4239 SoOffscreenRenderArea fails to render SoViewingCube – CAS-40937
    #OIV-4245 Shapes not rendered with MultipleInstancing
    #OIV-4258 Transparency issue with SoPackedColor – CAS-41256-F0S4

  • OivSuite.Java
  • #OIV-4273 Memory leak with RemoteViz Java and JVM

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-4255 SoMultidataSeparator fails to handle more than two volumes – CAS-41230-Q3M
    #OIV-4259 SoROIManip issue with SoMultidataSeparator and Datasets of different size – CAS-41176-H4H2
    #OIV-4268 Virtual Texture Borders leak

Open Inventor 10.12.0

  • Core
  • #OIV-2663 Modifications of the displayed scenegraph in Fast Edit mode is slower than Open Inventor 9 – CAS-32561
    #OIV-2686 Closing a Fast Edit session takes a lot of time – CAS-33744
    #OIV-3335 Lag when starting to draw lasso in Fast Edit mode
    #OIV-3395 OIV 10 performance regression with multiple RenderArea – CAS-35761-S9X0

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-4198 Over interpretation of undefined voxels