Check the on-line documentation to find system requirements, installation instructions, the reference manual, the user's guide, various FAQs (lists of frequently asked questions), information on product redistribution, and much more.

Still need help? Open Inventor provides technical support to those who have purchased it and to others during the product evaluation and warranty periods. See below for information on contacting the Open Inventor technical support team.

Requesting technical support - General inquiries

Requesting technical support
For technical support, please visit our customer support portal.

Please provide the following minimum information:

  • Open Inventor version: e.g. Open Inventor 2023.1
  • Language:                            e.g. C++
  • Operating System:           e.g. Windows 10
  • Compiler/IDE version:  e.g. Visual Studio 2019
  • Graphics board:                e.g. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

For faster response, please consider that (in most cases) we cannot begin an investigation until we can reproduce the problem!  Investigation will go a lot faster if you are able to provide a:

  • Small test program, or
  • .iv file

that reproduces the problem.

Sending test cases
Test cases should be zipped and put on the Data Exchange Platform by using links provided by your Open Inventor technical contact.

NOTE: You will not be able to "see" any files posted by other customers. This is to protect the privacy of your files and those of other customers.

General inquiries


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