2023.2.1 - 2023.2.2 - 2023.2.3

Open Inventor 2023.2.3

  • Core
  • #OIV-4870 SoMaterialBinding PER_VERTEX causes incorrect rendering of SoText3 and crash
    #OIV-4957 Text3 TEXTURE missing letter
    #OIV-4929 Incorrect rendering when there's a depth offset – CAS-45078
    #OIV-5004 Perf regression with MultiInstance of AlgebraicSphere
    #OIV-5046 Using a binded texture in a SoGLCallback with SoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQuality
    #OIV-5048 LightModel::model incorrect default value in the reference manual
    #OIV-5055 Misplaced elements when importing DXF file

  • Doc
  • #OIV-3797 MiIsosurfExtractIjk (MeshVizXLM) doc missing info about memory allocation
    #OIV-4457 Erroneous info in the file format section of the SoShaderParameterBufferObject Class of reference manual – CAS-42766
    #OIV-4641 Erroneous description of OIV_NUM_SORTED_LAYERS_PASSES and SoGLRenderAction::setSortedLayersNumPasses in the reference manual
    #OIV-4796 Sb___ method descriptions are missing in .NET Reference Manual
    #OIV-4909 Missing description of SoErrorCB in the reference manual
    #OIV-4984 Several methods erroneously displayed in the deprecated section of SoWin, SoXt and SoQt reference manual.
    #OIV-4985 SoWinTimerManager and SoWinEventHandler must not be visible in the SoWin C++ reference manual
    #OIV-5042 The RemoteViz getting started guide inside the refman is drastically truncated

  • Examples
  • #OIV-4913 Wrong source code in medicalMPRViewer demo – CAS-45027
    #OIV-4936 LDMAsyncCache example does not display the volume correctly. – CAS-45358
    #OIV-4983 The demo simpleVolumeMaskEditing doesn't display the volume data 3DHead

  • Licensing
  • #OIV-4865 SoLicensesInfo::getProductCount() crashes when master password unlock string set – CAS-44924
    #OIV-4866 SoLicensesInfo::getLicensingVersionNumber() return value does not match documentation – CAS-44925

  • Medical
  • #OIV-4972 MedicalHelper::dicomAdjustVolume(SoVolumeData*) erroneously modifies the real/physical size of the volume – CAS-45134

  • Multithreading
  • #OIV-5029 Crash when opening/closing a Qt dialog containing a QWebEngine view after calling SoDB::init

  • OpenGL
  • #OIV-4980 Custom OpenGL nodes do not render when FastEdit is enabled

  • Shader
  • #OIV-4988 Shader converter must handle 'OivLights'
    #OIV-5007 Shader converter must handle 'gl_FrontLightModelProduct'
    #OIV-5034 Custom shader and Sorted Pixel issue

  • Shadow
  • #OIV-4954 Crash with Shadow and PolygonOffset

  • Text2
  • #OIV-5040 Resizing a window with a lot of SoText2 is very slow

  • Transparency
  • #OIV-4891 Coherent alpha policy behavior with shaders
    #OIV-4925 AlphaPolicy:POLICY_OPAQUE discards not fully transparent pixels

  • Viewer
  • #OIV-4777 Open Inventor example crashes when closing – CAS-44619-H4L9
    #OIV-4948 The SoQT viewer event cb function is called several times on every mouse wheel action – CAS-45102

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-4921 Using a binded texture in a SoGLCallback with SoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQuality
    #OIV-4922 Use of multiple SceneViews introduce artifacts in volume rendered with clipping group – CAS-45071-G4J5
    #OIV-5019 Crash when replacing a VolumeShape used in multiple viewers
    #OIV-4672 Changing the tile size with an active SoROI leads to memcpy error messages and very slow res

Open Inventor 2023.2.2

  • Font
  • #OIV-4919 SoFontFace::m_ftFace read access violation in SoGetBoundingBoxAction::getBoundingBox() – CAS-45058

  • Readers
  • #OIV-4787 Erroneous geometry display of the attached DXF file – CAS-44677

  • Viewer
  • #OIV-4882 Invalid SoLocation2Event returned position and window size when enabling QT high DPI scaling – CAS-44921

Open Inventor 2023.2.1

  • MeshViz
  • #OIV-4824 Crash in MeshViz PbNonLinearDataMapping::computeColor

  • Cache
  • #OIV-4867 SoText3 : Texture read access violation – CAS-44904

  • Core
  • #OIV-4725 Invalid displayed PoCircle color – CAS-44470

  • OpenGL
  • #OIV-4710 Initializing Open Inventor unsets the current OpenGL device and render contexts – CAS-44389-F6F4

  • Selection
  • #OIV-4588 Crash when selecting an object with SoExtSelection – CAS-43802
    #OIV-4881 Start and finish callback not called on triangle when doing a selection on a extrusion

  • Viewer
  • #OIV-4728 SoRenderAreaCore node doesn't work as expected – CAS-44389-F6F4
    #OIV-4798 Qt Viewers - SoEvent::wasButton1Down() incorrectly returns FALSE
    #OIV-4814 Crash in SoWinExaminerViewer::processEvent handling keyboard input – CAS-44673

  • VolumeViz Readers
  • #OIV-4163 SoVRSegyFileReader - Fails for SEGY volumes with missing traces inside volume