2024.1.1 - 2024.1.2

Open Inventor 2024.1.2

  • Cache
  • #OIV-4675 When an instance of a SoSeparator located under an SoSwitch is removed from the scene graph, a crash can occur during the rendering that follows the deletion of the SoSeparator instance. – CAS-44337

  • Core
  • #OIV-5283 The mode CLEAR_ZBUFFER specified by SoSeparator::fastEditing does not clear the depth buffer – CAS-67815-W7S1
    #OIV-5291 Dragger rendering is not updated during interaction.
    #OIV-5310 SoOverlayGroup triggers infinite redraws with multiple viewers

  • Doc
  • #OIV-5073 The Files Redistribution documentation in https://developer.openinventor.com is not up to date – CAS-45192
    #OIV-5256 An unused and nonfunctional class SoMFImage class appears in the C++ doc. The file SoMFImage.h is kept for compatibility but empty. – CAS-67755

  • OpenGL
  • #OIV-5285 Wrong legacy state shininess for OpenGL custom nodes

  • Readers
  • #OIV-5323 Incorrect loading of some VRML files

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-5327 [RemoteViz] : Long message sent by the client breaks the display on the server side. – CAS-67909

  • Shadow
  • #OIV-5294 The shadow cast on a surface can make it transparent in the shadowed area.

  • Viewer
  • #OIV-4851 [viewers] Moving cursor outside an SoQtGLWidget is not properly detected
    #OIV-5205 When using a PoBaseView and when reducing the window's width, the rendering is vertically cropped according to the window's width. – CAS-67558

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-5088 Confusing and unexpected warning message related to SoVolumeRenderingQuality in debug mode – CAS-45332
    #OIV-5142 Clipping issue when using SoVolumeGroup and SoVolumeClippingGroup nodes in an opaque scene.
    #OIV-5252 The SoVolumeGroup does not work with an SoMultiDataSeparator and a custom shader
    #OIV-5265 The editing of an SoVolumeData is not possible in Java because the method saveEditing() is not available in the Java API
    #OIV-5307 The rendering of a float dataset containing undefined values is incorrect: the undefined zones are visible dispite they should not.

Open Inventor 2024.1.1

  • .NET
  • #OIV-4968 In Open Inventor .NET, multiple useless debug dlls are provided in the release sub folder \assemblies\arch-xxx-Release

  • Core
  • #OIV-4665 Multiple and subsequent allocations and deallocations of Open Inventor shapes can lead to a crash.
    #OIV-5123 The time to first render a scene graph that contains a large number of SoTransformSeparator was very long. It is now reduced, for instance the time to first render a scene of 40000 SoText2 under 40000 SoTransformSeparator is divided by 25. – CAS-45100
    #OIV-5144 The FPS was sometimes very low with Visual Studio in debug mode. Significant improvements are now possible with Visual Studio 2022.
    #OIV-5147 Some shapes may be invisible when a specific number of shapes is added to the scene graph. – CAS-67447
    #OIV-5182 Lazy CPU memory deallocation when parts of the scene graph become unused. Even if the memory is deallocated late, that looks similar to a memory leak on very large scene graphs. Now the memory is deallocated immediately

  • Doc
  • #OIV-5125 Some images in the reference manual were not readable correctly if you use dark mode on your web browser.

  • RemoteViz
  • #OIV-4885 When rendering using RemoteViz, long messages sent by the client are not received by the server. – CAS-44935
    #OIV-5195 When rendering using RemoteViz, long messages sent by the client are not received by the server.

  • Text3
  • #OIV-5128 Significant hangs occurred with scene graphs containing a few hundred of SoText3 and after resizing the render area

  • Transparency
  • #OIV-4894 The rendering of a scene graph containing mostly opaque shapes was significantly slow if using the SORTED_OBJECT transparency type.
    #OIV-5003 Incorrect display when rendering a scene graph containing semi-transparent Open Inventor shapes mixed with OpenGL custom nodes. – CAS-45218
    #OIV-5199 The rendering of RGBA SoVolumeData objets are different from legacy Open Inventor 9.

  • Viewer
  • #OIV-5106 SoTransformation nodes used in multiple render areas are not always rightly taken into account during the rendering. That leads to incorrect shape renderings and weird camera clipping plane side effects. This can be easily observed with any SoDragger or SoTransformManip instance shared by multiple viewers.

  • VolumeViz
  • #OIV-5141 The node SoVolumeRender might be render incorrectly and undetermined when the tile size selected was too large for the graphic board capability.