Class SbCylinder

  • public class SbCylinder
    extends SbBasic
    Class for representing a cylinder. This class defines a simple cylinder datatype. It is used by the Open Inventor toolkit for arguments or return values.

    See Also:
    SbVec3f, SbLine, SbPlane, SbSphere, SoCylinder
    • Field Detail

      • array

        public final float[] array
    • Constructor Detail

      • SbCylinder

        public SbCylinder​(float[] components)
      • SbCylinder

        public SbCylinder​(SbCylinder copyFrom)
      • SbCylinder

        public SbCylinder​(SbLine a,
                          float r)
        Constructor that takes an axis and radius.
      • SbCylinder

        public SbCylinder()
        Default constructor. The cylinder is oriented along the Y axis and has a radius of 1.
    • Method Detail

      • setValue

        public SbCylinder setValue​(float[] components)
      • getValue

        public float[] getValue()
      • setValue

        public SbCylinder setValue​(float[] components,
                                   int startIndex)
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(SbCylinder copyFrom)
      • setRadius

        public void setRadius​(float r)
        Set the radius.
      • toArray

        public static SbCylinder[] toArray​(long nativeArray,
                                           long length)
      • getAxis

        public SbLine getAxis()
        Return the axis.
      • setAxis

        public void setAxis​(SbLine a)
        Set the axis.
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(SbLine a,
                             float r)
        Change the axis and radius.
      • intersectFirst

        public SbVec3f intersectFirst​(SbLine l)
        Intersect line and cylinder, returning true if there is an intersection.
      • intersect

        public SbVec3f[] intersect​(SbLine l)
        Intersect line and cylinder, returning true if there is an intersection.
      • getRadius

        public float getRadius()
        Return the radius.