Class SoTextureUnit

    • Field Detail

      • unit

        public final SoSFUInt32 unit
        Specifies the texture unit identifier. Can range from 0 to the largest texture unit, which is getMaxTextureUnit()-1. Values greater than the largest texture unit are clamped at the largest texture unit.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoTextureUnit

        public SoTextureUnit()
    • Method Detail

      • getMaxTextureUnit

        public static int getMaxTextureUnit()
        Calls getMaxTextureUnit((com.openinventor.inventor.misc.SoState)null).
      • getMaxTextureUnit

        public static int getMaxTextureUnit​(SoState state)
        Returns the maximum number of texture units. This is the max which can be used when a shader is on state. Without shaders, only the first 4 units (0..3) can be used.