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SoIndexedFaceSet Class

Indexed polygonal face shape node.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: OIV.Inventor.Nodes
Assembly: OIV.Inventor (in OIV.Inventor.dll) Version: (
public class SoIndexedFaceSet : SoIndexedShape

The SoIndexedFaceSet type exposes the following members.

Public methodSoIndexedFaceSet

Creates an indexed face set node with default settings.

Public methodAffectsState

Overrides default method on OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoNode.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodBeginShape(SoAction, SoShapeTriangleShapes)
Calls BeginShape(action, shapeType, (OIV.Inventor.Details.SoFaceDetail ^)nullptr).
(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodBeginShape(SoAction, SoShapeTriangleShapes, SoFaceDetail)

These methods can be used by subclasses to generate triangles more easily when those triangles are part of a larger structure, such as a triangle strip, triangle fan, or triangulated polygon, according to the TriangleShape enumerated type.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodCallback

Implements primitive generation for all shapes.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodComputeBBox(SoAction, SbBox3f, SbVec3f)

This handles AABB bounding box computation for all shapes derived from this class.

(Inherited from SoIndexedShape.)
Public methodComputeBBox(SoAction, SbXfBox3d, SbVec3d)

This handles OOBB bounding box computation for all shapes derived from this class.

(Inherited from SoIndexedShape.)
Public methodCopy
Calls Copy(false).
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCopy(Boolean)

Creates and returns an exact copy of the node.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer)
Calls CopyFieldValues(fc, false).
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodCopyFieldValues(SoFieldContainer, Boolean)

Copies the contents of fc's fields into this object's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by SoDisposable.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public methodDistribute
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodDoAction
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodEnableNotify

Notification at this Field Container is enabled (if flag == true) or disabled (if flag == false).

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodEndShape

end shape previously started with OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShape.BeginShape(OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoAction, OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShape.TriangleShapes, OIV.Inventor.Details.SoFaceDetail).

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFieldsAreEqual

Returns true if this object's fields are exactly equal to fc's fields.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGet

Returns the values of the fields of this object in the Open Inventor ASCII file format in the given string.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetAllFields

Returns a list of fields, including the eventIn's and eventOut's.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetAlternateRep

This method is called by actions to allow the node to provide an "alternate representation" when appropriate (typically depending on the action type).

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetBoundingBox

Implements bounding box method using virtual OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShape.ComputeBBox(OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoAction, OIV.Inventor.SbBox3f@, OIV.Inventor.SbVec3f@) method.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodGetEventIn

Returns a the eventIn with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetEventOut

Returns the eventOut with the given name.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetField

Returns a the field of this object whose name is fieldName.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFieldName

Returns the name of the given field in the fieldName argument.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetFields

Appends references to all of this object's fields to resultList, and returns the number of fields appended.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Overrides GetHashCode().
(Inherited from SoNetBase.)
Public methodGetMatrix
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetName

Returns the name of an instance.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetNormalCache

Returns the current normal cache, or NULL if there is none.

(Inherited from SoVertexShape.)
Public methodGetPrimitiveCount

Counts number of primitives produced by this shape.

(Overrides SoShapeGetPrimitiveCount(SoGetPrimitiveCountAction).)
Public methodGetRenderEngineMode

Returns the supported Render engine mode.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetRenderUnitID
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGetShapeType

Gets the current shape Full Scene Antialiasing type.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodGetStringName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodGetTangentCache

Returns the current tangent cache, or NULL if there is none.

(Inherited from SoVertexShape.)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGLRender

Implements rendering by rendering each primitive generated by subclass.

(Overrides SoVertexShapeGLRender(SoGLRenderAction).)
Public methodGLRenderBelowPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGLRenderInPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGLRenderOffPath
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGrabEventsCleanup
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodGrabEventsSetup
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodHandleEvent
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodHasDefaultValues

Returns true if all of the object's fields have their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsBoundingBoxIgnoring

Used by BoundingBoxAction to know if bounding box computation should be ignored or not.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodIsNotifyEnabled

Notification is the process of telling interested objects that this object has changed.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodIsOverride

Returns the state of the override flag.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodIsSynchronizable

Gets the ScaleViz synchronizable state of this object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodPick
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodRayPick

This handles pointPicking mode.

(Overrides SoIndexedShapeRayPick(SoRayPickAction).)
Public methodSearch
(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodSet

Sets one or more fields in this object to the values specified in the given string, which should be a string in the Open Inventor file format.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodSetName (Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetOverride

Turns the override flag on or off.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodSetShapeType

set the antialiasing type for this shape.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodSetSynchronizable

Sets this to be a ScaleViz synchronizable object.

(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodSetToDefaults

Sets all fields in this object to their default values.

(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public methodShapeVertex

add a primitive vertex to the shape prevously started with OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShape.BeginShape(OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoAction, OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShape.TriangleShapes, OIV.Inventor.Details.SoFaceDetail).

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public methodToString
Converts this SoBase structure to a human readable string.
(Inherited from SoBase.)
Public methodTouch

Marks an instance as modified, simulating a change to it.

(Inherited from SoNode.)
Public methodWrite
(Inherited from SoVertexShape.)
Public propertyboundingBoxIgnoring

Whether to ignore this node during bounding box traversal.

(Inherited from SoShape.)
Public propertycoordIndex

The indices of the coordinates that the shape uses as its vertices.

(Inherited from SoIndexedShape.)
Public propertyIsDisposable
ISafeDisposable interface implementation.
(Inherited from SoDisposable.)
Public propertymaterialIndex

The indices of the materials that are used for the shape.

(Inherited from SoIndexedShape.)
Public propertynormalIndex

The indices of the normals that are used for the shape.

(Inherited from SoIndexedShape.)
Public propertytangentIndex

The indices of the tangents that are used for the shape.

(Inherited from SoIndexedShape.)
Public propertytextureCoordIndex

The indices of the texture coordinates that are used for the shape.

(Inherited from SoIndexedShape.)
Public propertyUserData
Gets or sets the user data to be contained by the field container.
(Inherited from SoFieldContainer.)
Public propertyvertexProperty

vertex property node.

(Inherited from SoVertexShape.)

This node represents a 3D shape formed by constructing faces (polygons) from vertices located at the coordinates specified in the vertexProperty field (from OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoVertexShape), or the current inherited state. For optimal performance, the vertexProperty field is recommended.

OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedFaceSet is a general purpose polygon rendering node. It can render triangles, quadrilaterals, and other types of polygons or any combination thereof.


  • For best performance, arrange the faces with all triangles first, then all quadrilaterals, then general polygons.

  • If the shape has only triangles, use OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedTriangleSet instead (simpler and possibly faster).

OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedFaceSet supports both convex and non-convex polygons (unlike OpenGL). However polygons are assumed to be convex by default. Rendering non-convex polygons in this mode may produce incorrect results. Enable non-convex polygons using the faceType field of an OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShapeHints node. In this mode OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedFaceSet will automatically convert non-convex polygons, if necessary, to faces that the hardware can handle.

OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedFaceSet can also directly handle complex polygons with "holes". See the following paragraphs.

If OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShapeHints is not used, or if windingType field from OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShapeHints is equal to NO_WINDING_TYPE, OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedFaceSet uses the indices in the coordIndex field (from OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedShape) to specify simple polygonal faces. An index of SO_END_FACE_INDEX (-1) indicates that the current face has ended and the next one begins.

If OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShapeHints is used with a windingType field other than NO_WINDING_TYPE, OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedFaceSet uses the indices in the coordIndex field (from OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedShape) to specify complex polygonal faces (possibly) made up of multiple contours. An index of SO_END_CONTOUR_INDEX (-1) indicates that the current contour has ended and that the next one begins. An index of SO_END_POLYGON_INDEX (-2) indicates that the current complex face (group of contours) has ended. After the end of a complex face, you can create another complex face, and so on.

The vertices of the faces are transformed by the current transformation matrix. The faces are drawn with the current light model and drawing style. Diffuse color and opacity may be specified using the orderedRGBA field of OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoVertexProperty. Diffuse color, transparency and other color parameters used in the lighting equation may be specified using OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoMaterial.

Treatment of the current material and normal binding is as follows: The PER_PART and PER_FACE bindings specify a material or normal for each face. PER_VERTEX specifies a material or normal for each vertex. The corresponding _INDEXED bindings are the same, but use the materialIndex or normalIndex indices (see OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoIndexedShape). The default material binding is OVERALL. The default normal binding is PER_VERTEX_INDEXED.

If any normals (or materials) are specified, Open Inventor assumes you provide the correct number of them, as indicated by the binding. You will see unexpected results if you specify fewer normals (or materials) than the shape requires. If no normals are specified, they will be generated automatically.

Lighting is enabled by default (see OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoLightModel). If lighting is enabled, by default only the "front face" of polygons are lit (the back face will be black). Which side is the front face is determined by the normal vector, if specified, else by the ordering of the vertices and the vertexOrdering field of OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShapeHints. You can also enable "two sided lighting" using OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShapeHints.

If lighting is enabled and no normals are specified, they will be generated automatically. The normal generator computes "facet" or "smooth" (or a combination) normal vectors depending on the creaseAngle field of OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoShapeHints.

Textures may be applied using (for example) OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoTexture2. Texture coordinates may be supplied using OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoVertexProperty or OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoTextureCoordinate2. If a texture is applied and no texture coordinates were specified, they will be computed automatically. By default the computed coordinates map the texture to the axis-aligned bounding box of the shape, with the texture S axis corresponding to the longest axis of the box.

Warning: The shape may not render or pick correctly if any of its polygons are self-intersecting or non-planar.


  • Currently does not use OpenGL VBOs (vertex buffer objects) for rendering (and performance may be lower) when both texture coordinates and texture coordinate indices are specified. Just setting texture coordinates (indexed by the coordIndex values) is OK.


IndexedFaceSet {
vertexProperty NULL
coordIndex -1
materialIndex -1
normalIndex -1
textureCoordIndex -1


OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoGLRenderAction Draws faces based on the current coordinates, normals, materials, drawing style, and so on.

OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoRayPickAction Picks faces based on the current coordinates and transformation. Details about the intersection are returned in an OIV.Inventor.Details.SoFaceDetail.

OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoGetBoundingBoxAction Computes the bounding box that encloses all vertices of the face set with the current transformation applied to them. Sets the center to the average of the coordinates of all vertices.

OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoCallbackAction If any triangle callbacks are registered with the action, they will be invoked for each successive triangle generated from each face in the set.

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