Class SoRotateDiscDragger

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    public class SoRotateDiscDragger
    extends SoDragger
    Object you can rotate like a knob by dragging with the mouse. SoRotateDiscDragger is a simple dragger that rotates about the z axis of its local space. The feel of the rotation is as if you were spinning a record on a turntable or rotating the volume knob of a radio. The local space is determined by its location in the scene graph. Transformation nodes placed before it will affect both the dragger and the direction of motion.

    This node has a rotation field which always reflects its orientation in local space. If you set the field, the dragger will rotate accordingly. You can also connect fields of other nodes or engines from this one to make them follow the dragger's rotation.

    This dragger contains four parts, rotator , rotatorActive , feedback , and feedbackActive .

    Each of these is set by default from a resource described in the Dragger Resources section of the online reference page for this class. You can change the parts in any instance of this dragger using setPart().

    You can make your program use different default resources for the parts by copying the file $OIVHOME/data/draggerDefaults/rotateDiscDragger.iv into your own directory, editing the file, and then setting the environment variable SO_DRAGGER_DIR to be a path to that directory.

    This dragger has both a default and a WYSIWYG version:

      Default Dragger WYSIWYG Dragger

    See SoDragger for more information about using and customizing draggers, including code examples, using draggers in an immersive VR environment and using WYSIWYG draggers.

    File format/default:

    RotateDiscDragger {

      boundingBoxCaching AUTO
      renderCulling AUTO
      pickCulling AUTO
      isActive false
      rotation 0 0 1 0
      callbackList NULL
      rotator <rotateDiscRotator resource>
      rotatorActive <rotateDiscRotatorActive resource>
      feedback <rotateDiscFeedback resource>
      feedbackActive <rotateDiscFeedbackActive resource>


      Resource: rotateDiscRotator
      Part: rotator
      Appearance: white cylinder (with axis along z-direction) made of lines
      Description: picking this initiates rotation

      Resource: rotateDiscRotatorActive
      Part: rotatorActive
      Appearance: yellow version of rotator, with added yellow cube
      Description: displayed while in motion instead of the rotator

      Resource: rotateDiscFeedback
      Part: feedback
      Appearance: thin purple line along local z-axis
      Description: shows center of rotation when not moving

      Resource: rotateDiscFeedbackActive
      Part: feedbackActive
      Appearance: thin, slightly brighter purple line along local z-axis
      Description: shows center of rotation when moving


    All Parts

      Part NamePart TypeDefault TypeNULL Default
      callbackList NodeKitListPart yes
      rotator Separator yes
      rotatorActive Separator yes
      feedback Separator yes
      feedbackActive Separator yes

    Extra Information for List Parts from Above Table

      Part NameContainer TypePossible Types
      callbackList Separator Callback, EventCallback

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      • rotation

        public final SoSFRotation rotation
        Orientation of the dragger.
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      • SoRotateDiscDragger

        public SoRotateDiscDragger()