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OIV.Inventor.Elements Namespace

The element classes are used internally for storing information in Open Inventor's traversal state list.

Public classSoAccumulatedElement

Abstract base class for each state element whose value may be accumulated when it is set.

Public classSoAnnoText3CharOrientElement

Stores the current character orientation flag of an OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoAnnoText3Property node.

Public classSoAnnoText3FontSizeHintElement

Stores the current font size hint of an OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoAnnoText3Property node.

Public classSoAnnoText3RenderPrintElement

Stores the current render print type of an OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoAnnoText3Property node.

Public classSoBBoxCacheElement
Public classSoBBoxModelMatrixElement

Stores the current model matrix for use with the OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoGetBoundingBoxAction.

Public classSoBBoxTypeElement

Stores the current BBox type.

Public classSoBevelPropertyElement

Stores various beveling attributes.

Public classSoBlendElement

Stores the current blending mode and parameters.

Public classSoCacheElement

Stores the most recently opened cache.

Public classSoClipPlaneElement

Stores the current set of clipping planes, specified as SbPlanes.

Public classSoColorMapElement

Stores the current color map.

Public classSoComplexityElement

Stores the current shape complexity.

Public classSoComplexityTypeElement

Stores the current complexity type.

Public classSoCoordinateElement

Stores the current coordinates.

Public classSoCreaseAngleElement

Stores the current crease angle.

Public classSoDecimationPercentageElement

Stores the current shape decimation percentage.

Public classSoDecimationTypeElement

Stores the current decimation type.

Public classSoDepthBufferElement

Stores the current depth buffer parameters.

Public classSoDepthOffsetElement

Manage OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoDepthOffset nodes accumulation in state.

Public classSoDrawBufferElement

Stores the current draw buffer parameters.

Public classSoDrawStyleElement

Stores the current draw style.

Public classSoEdgeFlagElement

Stores the edge flag values.

Public classSoElement

Abstract base class for all state elements.

Public classSoEnvironmentElement

Stores the current environment.

Public classSoFloatElement

Element's subclasses store a single float, int, or enum value.

Public classSoFocalDistanceElement

Stores the current focal distance of the camera.

Public classSoFontNameElement

Stores the current font name.

Public classSoFontRenderStyleElement

Stores the current font render style.

Public classSoFontSizeElement

Stores the current font size.

Public classSoFullSceneAntialiasingElement

Stores the current Full-Scene Antialising state.

Public classSoGeoOriginElement

Stores the current geoOrigin.

Public classSoGeoRenderElement

Stores the current render projection.

Public classSoGLLazyElement

Manages the GL state for the OIV.Inventor.Elements.SoLazyElement.

Public classSoInt32Element

Stores a single int32_t, int, or enum value.

Public classSoInt32ListElement

Stores a list of int32_t, int, or enum values.

Public classSoInteractionElement

Stores the current interaction state.

Public classSoInteractiveComplexityElement

Stores the current interactive complexity.

Public classSoInteractiveSwitchElement

Stores the current interactive switch index.

Public classSoLazyElement Obsolete.

Manages several properties that need to be lazily tracked for OpenGL.

Public classSoLightAttenuationElement

Stores the light attenuation(s) of the current environment.

Public classSoLightElement

Stores information on lights.

Public classSoLightModelElement

Stores the current lighting model.

Public classSoLinePatternElement

Stores the current line stipple pattern.

Public classSoLineWidthElement

Stores the current line width.

Public classSoLocalBBoxMatrixElement

Stores the transformation matrix from object space to some local coordinate space during application of an OIV.Inventor.Actions.SoGetBoundingBoxAction.

Public classSoLogicalViewportElement

Stores the logical viewport region.

Public classSoLogicOperationElement

Stores the current logical pixel operation for rendering.

Public classSoMaterialBindingElement

Stores the current material binding.

Public classSoMaterialElement

Manages several properties that need to be lazily tracked for rendering.

Public classSoModelMatrixElement

Stores the current model matrix.

Public classSoModelScaleElement

Stores the current model scale.

Public classSoModifyLogicalViewportElement

Stores a logical viewport region subset.

Public classSoModifyViewVolumeElement

Stores a view volume subset.

Public classSoMultipleInstanceElement

Stores current MultiInstance info.

Public classSoMultiSwitchElement

Stores the current multi-switch indices.

Public classSoNeighborToleranceElement

Stores the current neighbor tolerance factor.

Public classSoNodeIdList
Public classSoNormalBindingElement

Stores current normal binding.

Public classSoNormalElement

Allows read-only access to the top element in the state.

Public classSoNurbsPropertyElement

Stores current NURBS properties.

Public classSoOverrideElement

Stores a flag for each type of element which can be overridden.

Public classSoPatternElement

Stores current pattern value.

Public classSoPickMethodElement

Stores the current pick method.

Public classSoPickRayElement

Stores the current ray to use for picking.

Public classSoPickStyleElement

Stores the current pick style.

Public classSoPointSizeElement

Stores the current point size.

Public classSoPolygonOffsetElement

Stores current polygon offset state.

Public classSoProfileCoordinateElement

Stores the current profile coordinates.

Public classSoProfileElement

Stores 2D profiles for NURBS and 3D text.

Public classSoProjectionElement

Store current projection node.

Public classSoProjectionMatrixElement

Stores the current projection matrix.

Public classSoReplacedElement

Abstract base class for each state element whose value is replaced whenever it is set.

Public classSoReplacedTextureElement

Abstract base class for each texture state element.

Public classSoShaderProgramElement

Stores the current shader program.

Public classSoShapeHintsElement

Stores the current shape hints.

Public classSoShapeStyleElement

Stores some information used by shapes.

Public classSoStereoElement

Stores the current stereo attributes.

Public classSoSwitchElement

Stores the current switch index.

Public classSoTangentBindingElement

Stores current tangent binding.

Public classSoTangentElement

Allows read-only access to the top element in the state.

Public classSoTextAliasingFactorElement

Stores the current textured text anti-aliasing factor.

Public classSoTextAlignmentHElement

Stores the current horizontal text alignment.

Public classSoTextAlignmentVElement

Stores the current vertical text alignment.

Public classSoTextBackFrameLineWidthElement

Stores the current text backFrame line width.

Public classSoTextKerningElement

Stores the current kerning value.

Public classSoTextMarginElement

Stores the current text margin.

Public classSoTextOrientationElement

Stores the current text orientation attributes.

Public classSoTextOutlineEnabledElement

Stores the current 3D text outline flag.

Public classSoTextStyleColorsElement

Stores the current textured text quality range.

Public classSoTextStyleElement

Stores the current text effect settings.

Public classSoTextTextureQualityRangeElement

Stores the current textured text quality range.

Public classSoTexture3EnabledElement

Enables/disables 3D textures.

Public classSoTextureCombinerElement

Stores the current texture combiner parameters.

Public classSoTextureCoordinate3Element

Stores the current 3D texture coordinates.

Public classSoTextureCoordinateBindingElement

Stores the current 3D texture coordinates.

Public classSoTextureCoordinateElement

Stores the current texture coordinates.

Public classSoTextureCubeMapEnabledElement

Enables/disables textureCubeMap.

Public classSoTextureEnabledElement

Enables/disables textures.

Public classSoTextureImage3Element

Stores the current 3D texture image.

Public classSoTextureImageElement

Stores the current texture image.

Public classSoTextureImageElementBase

Stores the current texture image.

Public classSoTextureMatrixElement

Stores the current texture matrix.

Public classSoTextureNameElement

Stores the current texture name.

Public classSoTextureOverrideElement

Stores the current texture override.

Public classSoTextureQualityElement

Stores the current texture quality.

Public classSoTextureSendingEnabledElement

Stores the information that indicates if texture calls must be sent.

Public classSoTextureTransformElement

Stores the current texture transform.

Public classSoTextureUnitElement

Stores the current texture unit identifier.

Public classSoUniformShaderParameterElement

Stores the current uniform shader parameter.

Public classSoUnitsElement

Stores the current units type.

Public classSoUpdateAreaElement

Stores the rectangular area within the current viewport region that needs to be updated when rendering.

Public classSoVertexFlagElement

Stores the current vertex flag.

Public classSoVertexShaderParameterElement

Stores OIV.Inventor.Nodes.SoVertexShaderParameter nodes encountered during traversal.

Public classSoViewingMatrixElement

Stores the current viewing matrix.

Public classSoViewportRegionElement

Stores the current viewport region.

Public classSoViewVolumeElement

Stores the current view volume.

Public classSoWindowElement

Stores the current window attributes.

Public delegateSoTextureCoordinate3ElementFunctionCB

Function that TextureCoordinateFunction nodes register to compute texture coordinates.

Public delegateSoTextureCoordinateElementFunctionCB

Function that TextureCoordinateFunction nodes register to compute texture coordinates.

Public enumerationSoAnnoText3FontSizeHintElementFontSizeHints

Font size hint.

Public enumerationSoAnnoText3RenderPrintElementRenderPrintTypes

Render print type.

Public enumerationSoBBoxCacheElementCacheModes
Public enumerationSoBBoxTypeElementTypes

Available BBox types:

Public enumerationSoBlendElementBlendEquations

Blend Equation as defined by OpenGL's glBlendEquation.

Public enumerationSoBlendElementBlendFactors

BlendFactor as defined by OpenGL's glBlendFunc.

Public enumerationSoComplexityTypeElementTypes

These are the available complexity types:

Public enumerationSoDecimationTypeElementTypes

These are the available decimation types.

Public enumerationSoDepthBufferElementDepthWriteFunctions

Depth function mode as defined by OpenGL.

Public enumerationSoDrawBufferElementSoDrawBufferTypes

Depth function mode as defined by OpenGL.

Public enumerationSoDrawStyleElementStyles

These are the available draw styles.

Public enumerationSoEnvironmentElementFogTypes

Fog type.

Public enumerationSoFontRenderStyleElementRenderStyles

These are the available render styles.

Public enumerationSoFullSceneAntialiasingElementFilters


Public enumerationSoLazyElementcases

Following masks and cases define the components of the lazy element.

Public enumerationSoLazyElementmasks


Public enumerationSoLightModelElementModels

These are the available lighting models.

Public enumerationSoLogicOperationElementLogicOperations

Logic Operation as defined by OpenGL's logicOp enum.

Public enumerationSoMaterialBindingElementBindings

The choice of values is for compatibility with Open Inventor 2.0 binary format files.

Public enumerationSoMaterialElementmasks


Public enumerationSoNormalBindingElementBindings

The choice of values is for compatibility with Open Inventor 2.0 binary format files:

Public enumerationSoNurbsPropertyElementDrawStyles

Draw style.

Public enumerationSoPickMethodElementMethods

These are the available pick methods.

Public enumerationSoPickStyleElementStyles

These are the available pick styles.

Public enumerationSoPolygonOffsetElementStyles

PolygonOffset style.

Public enumerationSoProfileElementProfileType


Public enumerationSoShapeHintsElementFaceTypes

Hints about faces of shape.

Public enumerationSoShapeHintsElementShapeTypes

Hints about entire shape.

Public enumerationSoShapeHintsElementVertexOrderings

Hints about ordering of face vertices.

Public enumerationSoShapeHintsElementWindingTypes

Hints about winding type.

Public enumerationSoShapeStyleElementflags


Public enumerationSoTangentBindingElementBindings

The choice of values is for compatibility with Open Inventor 2.0 binary format files:

Public enumerationSoTextAlignmentHElementAlignmentHs


Public enumerationSoTextAlignmentVElementAlignmentVs


Public enumerationSoTextOrientationElementOrientations


Public enumerationSoTextStyleElementStyles

Available styles (may be combined):

Public enumerationSoTextureCoordinate3ElementCoordTypes

The choice of values is for compatibility with Open Inventor 2.0 binary format files.

Public enumerationSoTextureCoordinateBindingElementBindings

The choice of values is for compatibility with Open Inventor 2.0 binary format files.

Public enumerationSoTextureCoordinateElementCoordTypes

The choice of values is for compatibility with Open Inventor 2.0 binary format files.

Public enumerationSoTextureImageElementBaseTargets


Public enumerationSoUnitsElementUnits

These are the available types of units.


They are of potential interest only to programmers who are extending Open Inventor. For further information on this topic, see "The Inventor Toolmaker".